What is it about Southern Cooking?

Southern cooking is different for many reasons. It’s comforting, decadent – it’s food that truly brings people together.


As an only child and an only grandchild, it was a little overwhelming to visit my husbands family for the first time. It was Thanksgiving, and while everyone was not able to attend, there were still about 30 people in Momo’s kitchen – with  enough food to feed the entire state of Louisiana. The kicker? ALL of the food was so good!
As I have spent time with my southern family, I have learned that while there are some recipes written down, many of them are simply passed down by sitting in the kitchen and cooking together.
Brent always tells me that “in the south we don’t cook with time, we cook with love.” Most of the time it’s a quick look in the pot, a taste of the right consistency or an amazing aroma that tells you when it is time to go on to the next step.
Now when we visit New Orleans, I always try to take some time with my mother-in-law to learn hands on about her amazing cooking, and it is always a great time to just talk and laugh together.
Southern food was something that I had to learn and, to be honest, I was a little intimidated to cook for my husband at first. But over time, as I’ve tried new recipes and new methods in the kitchen, there are now some things that I have been able to make my own – and even share with his mom!