Why The Name Bella Rouge?

My husband Brent and I have found over our years together that we are most happy when we are in the kitchen together. Food is love in our house. Whether it is entertaining friends, experimenting with new recipes (that don’t always work out by the way) or planning a romantic meal at home, food always seems to be at the center of our best memories.
The name itself is actually in honor of our dog that we adopted from a shelter about 6 years ago. She is a beautiful red toned Pit Bull/Australian Cattle dog mix. We named her Bella Rouge or Beautiful Red. The name reflects my Italian side and my husbands New Orleans roots. She is a perfect reflection of our family, and as my husband has always said, we were a couple until Bella Rouge. She made us a family.
That is what Bella Rouge Southern Kitchen is all about, bringing family and friends together. Cooking is a great way to spend the day together as a couple or as a family. To shop together, plan what you are going to make and cook it as a team. These are memories that will last a lifetime.
Our goal is to share our home, kitchen, table and traditions with you. We would love for you to share yours with us as well.


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